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06 July 2009 @ 02:40 am
Happiness is a lot like sorrow.  
I've had a bunch of weird dreams as of late.

The first one was a bit of a nightmare.  Kind of.  I was standing next the bed and a bunch of spiders were crawling all over the ceiling, above the bed.  I screamed for mom and she climbed up on the bed, and I expected her to start killing them, but instead she just started to knock them down all over the bed and for reasons beyong myself when she was done, I got into the bed and felt them crawling all over me.

When I woke up, in my head I kept repeated, there are not spiders on me, there are not spiders on me, there are not spiders in my hair or on my body.  When I slowly reached up to touch my hair, my fingers grazed my barette (sp) and I nearly died of a heart attack.

I hate spiders.

In the weird dream I was with Brian Kinney (although I haven't watched/thought about QAF for quite a while) and I kept switching from myself to Justin Taylor.  We were oh so totally making out in my kitchen and he was teasing me, and I finally pulled away and I was like, "Fine, none for you!" He just shrugged his shoulders and I grinned.  "So eager to go back to aching hard-ons and endless wank-sessions?" Then I noticed my mom was behind me and I slapped my hand over my mouth, but she didn't seem to acknowledge what I said at all.

The dream flashed and I was myself, walking into my bedroom.  Dylan was sitting in the corner of the bed writing or drawing something in a black notebook.  "What are you doing?" he asked as I laid down across the bed and directed my attention to the television.

"Getting away from Brian, he's being mean."

Then Brian walked into the room and sat down beside me, but I ignored him.  "I'd usually be talking on my cell phone," he said, and I shrugged, keeping my eyes trained on the television.

"Then go talk on the phone," I said, and he shook his head, scooting a bit closer.

"I... it'd be pointless, I mean, Wesley doesn't want to talk to me right now."

I grinned slightly, knowing that despite the fact he wasn't going to say it, he'd rather be with me.
Odd dream.

This dream, I believe, is based off of a lot of things that have happened recently.  4th of July, Eclipse (HPDM, not Stephenie Meyer), and the spider on the door. 

We were traveling through the forest, and the only person I remember out of the small group that was with me, is my sister Laura.  We stopped, because a faceless person in the group was looking at a huge spider, and she swatted at it, and it was coming it my direction, so I moved.

Then I felt something crawling up the back of my leg, and I froze.  My head started to pound and I could feel tears in my eyes.  My stomach was churning, because I knew it was the spider.  I looked back and there it was, clinging to my leg, and before I could scream, Laura reached down and brushed it off.  Even in the dream, I was wondering why she did it, because wouldn't she have loved to see me so scared?

After that, we continued to trek through the foliage, and we finally made it out.  There was a road and a car parked on the side and a bunch of huge guys stepped out and started to walk past up, but one grabbed my elbow.  I turned around and hit him.  Hard.

Then I woke up!

Current Music: Happiness - The Fray