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05 November 2008 @ 04:31 pm
Isn't it crazy how we never felt so alive?  

NIGHTMARE.  About Luke Small.  I don't even know, but it really freaked me out.  A lot.


It was set in the school - even though it looked nothing like our school, because it was HUGE & completely amazing.  I was trying to find my locker, and I kept getting lost and the lockers kept changing.  I finally found this room with some comfy looking chairs and this hot guy sitting by a HUGE window.  I knew him somehow - even though I've never really seen him before.  He was with another guy I knew.  All of the sudden there were sirens and lights and the hott guy yells for me, so I run over to him and we look out the window.

We can see Luke leaving the school and these people surround him, and start hitting him and beating him up & I don't understand because they're supposed to be cops & I start to scream, because I want to help him somehow, but the hott guy just grabs me and pulls me to him.  He tells me to be quiet and strokes my hair, but I keep crying and I can still see them.

They pick Luke up and throw him into the back of one of their cars and inject him with something.  His eyes got all wide and his mouth drops & I scream again because I want to know what they're doing to him.  The last thing I see is an officer sliding into the car with him. putting his arm around his shoulders, and smirking up at us as Luke falls limp.

 It was awful.
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