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02 August 2008 @ 11:46 pm
Take me away to January - I'm done with this year.  
I had this amazing dream.  I still feel all warm & tingly inside when I think about it.  I also had a horrible nightmare that had me sobbing into my pillow.  I'll start with the good.

There were these people, and they were all so beautiful.  I was there, but of course I was beautiful too - I guess, I didn't see myself, like I usually do, until the end, and all I saw was my back, but it didn't look like me at all.  Anyway, we all had an animal to represent us, and protect us through life (unfortunately I don't remember what mine was).  

There was this gorgeous guy who had this latter, all filled with lion figurines and stuffed animals.  Obviously, the animal to represent/protect him was a lion.  So, I climbed up the back of the latter and grinned at him from over the top, and said, "I love lions."

Then shook his head at me, and grinned back.  "No you don't.  You don't what to be a grandparent - and lions have grandchildren." I just shrugged my shoulders and climbed over the latter and into his arms without knocking any of the lions off, somehow.  He held me and smiled at me, and we just... cuddled like that, and it felt so nice.  He was so hot (like, warmth-wise) that he's heat was like, seeping through my shirt and it felt amazing to be cuddled up to.

&&I'm in love with another dream-guy.  Great.  :D   

Nightmare time.

This one was about Mike Bailey.  We still lived in the trailer right next to his house - and yes, his house was still there.  I was walking over there all happily humming to myself, and as soon as I get in front of his house that smell reached my nose.  It probably doesn't bother everyone like it bothers me - but it brings back so many fucking memories.  The smell of someone's house burining.  It's a different smell then regular smoke.

So, I look at the windows and there all black and burnt, and so is the door.  Fear grips me and I start to cry, and my chest tightens.  I stumble back across the field bawling my eyes out thinking about Josh (Mike's son), what's Josh going to do?  As soon as I get to my house, I'm scream for my mom, begging her to come help me and all of the sudden the house is in flames, and I can hear her inside screaming.

I'm bawling and trying to get inside, but the doors won't open and there are these people, begging for me to come with them.  Telling me that my mom's gone, and they'll always take care of me.  Blindly, still crying my hear out, I went with them. 

I hated it. 
Current Music: Take Me Away - Chase Coy.