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08 June 2008 @ 06:50 pm
My hearts always with you now.  

I had a horrifying nightmare last night.  It'll probably sound really stupid, but when I woke up all I could think was, "Thank God, oh thank God, I'm not going to die."

I was with Matty Brown and some other chick and we were at the Legion.  The chick and I were going inside for some reason and Matty said he'd just rather stay in the car.  All of the sudden these two guys come out of nowhere and grab us.  One's big and the other ones fairly small, but we're kicking and screaming and crying and I'm so fucking scared.


I'm huddled in a corner in a small trailer and they're beating the blond girl and we're both crying.  I knew I should help her, but I couldn't make myself move.  I was to scared.  So scared.  Suddenly, she ripped away from them and tore out of the room, screaming at the the top of her lungs.  She escaped.  So, while they're in the other room I pull out my cellphone and I dial 911.  They don't. fucking. answer.  I'm so scared.  


I'm in a small bathroom, and there's a window on the door that they're watching me through.  I'm sitting on the ground trying to hide my cellphone when the big guy throws the door open and yanks me up, slamming me against the door.  The door that leads outside.  As he slams me against the wall again, I try and open it, but it's locked and the small guy laughs at me, hitting me.  

I start flailing and hitting them as hard as I can and they're stunned for a moment, so I unlock the door and go tearing out, screaming at the top of my lungs - which isn't much because of all the crying I've been doing and my throat is raw.  I'm running, running down this gravel road lined with trees and the small guy is chasing me, laughing so hard.  I'm panicking, I'm scared.

Then I see a house and I can see people inside and I start screaming harder, but it's still not working.  I throw myself against the door and start crying and begging to be let in.  A blond lady lets me in and I look behind me to see that the small guy is gone.

"I-I-I was kidnapped!  I... he... I... phone?  Can I use your phone?" 

She looked so mean.  "I don't owe you anything.  My daughter's bike is broken.  Who's gonna pay for that?" she smirked, and I felt my stomach curling.

"I will!  I'll pay for it!"

She shoved the phone in my arms and I was fumbling with numbers.  I didn't know who to call, didn't know who would listen.  I pressed in a number, and then I woke up.

I fucking hated that.