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So, I've be dreaming again.  First one isn't a nightmare - we were in Florida and I was going through withdrawal.  I needed slash.  My mind gave me some.  Thankyou, mind.  

Ever since I've been back from Florida I've been reading slash.  I can never go a week without it again.  It hurt way bad, and I only noticed how much when I got my hands back on it again.  I just. can't. stop.  Whatever, though, onto the second dream.  About zombies.

OH HELL!  I just remember another nightmare I had, that wasn't really a nightmare because I absolutely ADORED it. 

I actually have a lot of nightmares where I run from my house with someone chasing me, across the street and over to the neighbors house, but they never let me in.  It's depressing.  I think they hate me.  Maybe I should talk to them sometime?  I did once!  Well, it was pitch black outside and April, Jordan, and I whistled back and forth with them.  It was weird.  I loved it.

Well... I think that's all I have for now.  Later! 
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Okay, so.  This journal is all for my dreams!  I stole the idea from Rachael, who stole it from Amy... so... here goes nothing.

That one was really weird...

Then, I had another dream about Mat.

Current Music: Avenged Sevenfold.