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29 July 2009 @ 06:42 am
my hands are searching for you, my arms are outstretched towards you.  
Odd dream.  I was a guy in it.

This dream started out on a beach.  The day was dull, gray, and cloudy and there was no one else on this beach but the group I was with.  There were two girls, a blonde and a brunette.  Then there was me, as a male (a well-built, good looking one! :D) and another guy who was tall and muscular and kind of to-die-for.  The two girls were fully-clothed, but we were both in black swmming trunks and she kept insisting that we put on her pink sunblock.  So, we finally relented and did just that before shuffling away from them. 

He had his back to them and I was standing in front of him.  In the dream we were trying to make the girls believe we were together, but I actually wanted him - although he gave off the 'straight' vibe.  Despite what we were doing.

I put my hands on his hips and stepped closer, our noses touching as I tilted my head to the side.  In the dream, I kept thinking how it must really look like we were kissing to them.

Finally, we pulled away and went to the water and I pushed him and he tackled me and I was going to kiss him for real but his eyes suddenly got huge.  "Did you touch me?" I shook my head no and he grabbed my hand, pulling me back onto the sand. 

"What?" I ask and he points and all the sudden there are a bunch of dolphins - except, they don't look like dolphins at all.  They don't have tails.  But in the dream, they were dolphins.  Then all of the sudden they get bigger and bigger and they mostly start to look like deformed elephants and there's a man on a tractor leading them.

"If you have any source of pink on you, I suggest you leave!"

The blonde girl grabs my hand and pulls me through a door-thing and suddenly we are at a much brighter beach and she's warning some woman with children, before she shoves me and the other guy into the bathroom and demands we shower.

We started out a different showers, right beside eachother, but the dream flashes and I push myself against him and kiss him.  He pulls back and glare-smiles.  "You should respect my wishes," he tells me and I shrug as he pushes me out from under the spray.

"You shouldn't hog the shower," I counter and wrap my arms around his waist from behind, stepping under the spray again.  I kiss his shoulder and he turns his head to smile at me, but we here the door open and I immediately pull away and walk over to the sink and I'm suddenly wearing a soaking wet t-shirt.

The guy that walks in is muttering about his boyfriend, and my guy steps up to the sink next to me and gives me the BIGGEST SMIRK EVER.  I slam my fist against the sink and pout.
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