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12 June 2009 @ 03:09 pm
never turn your back on me, never turn your back on me again...  
I had these two really weird, depressing dreams.

The first one was confusing, and strange.  I was just watching the entire thing from afar.

There was a man, who somehow lost his memories of everyone and everything he'd ever accomplished - and no one wanted him to regain this memories, and if they did, it didn't matter because the higher people didn't.  So, they changed their names, some even changed appearances.

There was one woman in particular who was always with him, helping him, assuring him he would regain his memory, although he knew he wouldn't.

Then, they're in this lake and there's a swing in the middle of it - but the chains go all the way up into the sky and you can't see what they're connected to.  So, they go out there and he's swinging and laughing and trying to go as high/fast as possible, and she's in the water looking up at him and she suddenly just starts to cry.

"How could you do this to me?" She screams, but he doesn't seem to notice her distress as he continues to swing.  "How could you forget me?!"

He throws his head back and laughs.  "I didn't mean to forget you!" He yells over the wind.

"I loved you!"
Weird dream, eh?

Next one was like I was actually watching a movie.

There were three guys, and the main was was my favorite in the movie... I'm gonna name them really quick, so this isn't as confusing.

Main - Tom
Friend he's in love with - Alex
Other friend - Val

So - Tom, Alex, and Val were best friends when they were little and Tom always had a little bit of a crush on Alex, but never dared to admit it.  Somehow they were all separated - and now that he's an adult he's searching for his two best friends and he puts up these HUGE pictures everywhere, all over mountains and in trees and EVERYWHERE and they're pictures of them playing together, laughing and smiling.

And they find him, and it's very obvious that Tom and Alex should be together, but Val's not the same kid he used to be.  He's rude, and loud and obnoxious, whereas Alex and Tom are pretty much the same.

Val's supposedly in love with Alex, as well and they're all lying out side looking at the stars and Tom sighs.  "You're going to have to choose," he says, all quiet.

"I'm not choosing," he says, but Tom can see his hand snaking over to take Val's, and he gets sick to his stomach.

The next day it's just him and Alex and they're talking and laughing and having so much fun, but Val eventually comes and ruins it.  So, Tom's sitting there on the ledge and he's looking at the pictures of them laughing and playing and he starts to cry, because it's not turning out how it should. 

Alex ends up telling him that he's in love with Val, and never had feelings for him at al..

It was rather depressing.
Current Music: Weapon - Matthew Good